56 newly funded startups and their domain names: YourFeed.com, Bonivo.com, TakeoutKit.com


The summer holiday is making it impacts as we have a  pretty small list this week with just 56 startup companies that raised a combined $324,022,950 in venture funding last week. 57% of them is using a .com for their domain name with the ccTLDs as a very strong second choice with a little over 28% this week. We have two startups on this weeks list that are using a new gTLD, one .Live and a .Xyz

I struggled to pick a few domain names on this weeks list that I really liked but some that are not bad include London-based yourfeed which is a social media and networking platform to connect brands with fans on the matching yourfeed.com domain name. Another name I like is from California-based consulting company Bonivo which serves blue chip in their digital transformation. This is a good example of a pure invented name, the type a new company can easily find and buy in the $2,500 range from a brandable domain name marketplace such as BrandBucket or BrandRoot.com.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Terminus Technologies Series A $73,510,000 TerminusTech.co.nz .co.nz
Bellamy’s Organic Venture $60,400,000 BellamysOrganic.com.au .com.au
Diasome Venture $30,000,000 DiasomePharmaceuticals.com .com
Sino Biological Series A $29,410,000 SinoBiological.com .com
Qiagen Suzhou Translational Medicine Series A $25,730,000 TransMedChina.com .com
Bingobox Series A $14,740,000 binguohezi.com com
Anaeropharma Science Venture $13,200,000 Anaeropharma.co.jp .co.jp
Stiletto Manufacturing Series A $12,500,000 SailStiletto.com .com
CellTrak Venture $11,000,000 CellTrak.com .com
Bynk Venture $6,940,000 Bynk.se .se
UVeye Seed $4,500,000 UVeye.com .com
CASEonIT (MedUX) Series A $3,980,000 CaseOnIt.com .com
Gymlib.com Seed $3,400,000 Gymlib.com .com
Miso Robotics Venture $3,100,000 MisoRobotics.com .com
Previse Seed $2,600,000 Previ.se .se
Antag Therapeutics Seed $2,370,000 AntagTherapeutics.com .com
Ryboquin Venture $2,340,000 Ryboquin.co.uk .co.uk
Dandelion (Home Geothermal) Seed $2,000,000 Dandelion.co .co
EFTsure Series A $2,000,000 EFTSure.com.au .com.au
Caribe Juice Seed $2,000,000 CaribeJuice.com .com
Circle Media Labs Venture $2,000,000 MeetCircle.com .com
Locums Nest Venture $1,420,000 LocumsNest.co.uk .co.uk
Whipper Seed $1,360,000 Whipper.live .live
Divvit Venture $1,300,000 Divvit.com .com
Indee Labs (YC W17) Angel $1,290,000 IndeeLabs.com .com
Koosmik Venture $1,140,000 Koosmik.com .com
Billionloans Seed $1,080,000 Billionloans.com .com
AERYNE Venture $1,060,000 Aeryne-Paris.com .com
Clip App Seed $1,000,000 ClippApp.in .in
PopBookings Venture $1,000,000 PopBookings.com .com
YourFeed Seed $905,350 YourFeed.com .com
Tracktor Seed $793,830 Tracktor.fr .fr
Mighty Bear Games Seed $775,000 MightyBearGames.com .com
Stidner Venture $706,500 Stidner.com .com
Bonivo Venture $646,810 Bonivo.com .com
Flinks Seed $500,000 Flinks.io .io
Zensoft.io Seed $300,000 Zensoft.io .io
Deeds Seed $272,330 sdg12.se .se
Shoreline Venture $203,500 Shoreline.no .no
Gobundl Venture $152,600 GoBundl.dk .dk
FAQBOT Angel $141,750 Faqbot.co .co
Greybox Studio Venture $130,280 GreyboxStudio.co.uk .co.uk
dot Learn Seed $75,000 dotLearn.org .org
Volume Technologies, Inc Seed $40,000 VolumeMobile.com .com
Peda Studio Seed $10,000 PedaStudio.com .com
Vendorspace Seed Undisclosed VendorSpace.xyz .xyz
Minjar Venture Undisclosed Minjar.com .com
Upwardly Seed Undisclosed Upwardly.in .in
Pedby Wellness Studio Seed Undisclosed Pedby.com .com
Ulobby Venture Undisclosed Ulobby.dk .dk
Plowns Seed Undisclosed Plowns.com .com
PointPredictive Series A Undisclosed PointPredictive.com .com
Takeout Kit Seed Undisclosed TakeoutKit.com .com
CampusMate Unc Seed Undisclosed CampusMate.co .co
Echo Payment Systems Venture Undisclosed EchoPaymentSystems.com .com
Time of Sports Venture Undisclosed TimeofSports.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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