10 Notable NameJet Sales from June


Here are ten sales worth reviewing.

NameJet reported 129 sales of $2,000 or more in June 2017 for a total of $810,000. Here are 10 sales that jumped out at me:

imoveis.com $32,200 – Do that many people really type in IMovies.com, and do this many mistype it? (Some readers have pointed out this is a real estate term in Portuguese, which would explain a lot.)

Screensaver.com $25,099 – Screensavers.com (plural) sold for $335,000 in 2010. Screensaver downloads aren’t what they once were, but this term also now could apply to a phone screen protector.

Napkin.com $18,995 – What a great brand this will make for a food related business.

Swallow.com $16,301 – I’m not going to type this one in to see what kind of ads the parked page shows.

R.biz $6,301 – How much is a single letter .biz domain worth? Here’s a good indication.

Redundancy.com $4,644 – How about RedundancyRedundancy.com?

Dreamscapes.com $3,200 – So many possible buyers for this domain. It seems there are hundreds of landscaping companies that use this in their name.

TradeOptions.com $2,923 – Seems like a good deal for a popular financial term.

Staffup.com $2,409 – A fantastic name for a staffing agency.

AliceinWonderland.com $2,167 – Disney has a lot of trademarks on this one.

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