10 Companies That Spend $50k+ on a CVCV.com Domain Name


I’ve often written about the fast increase in the value of domain names in the CVCV (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) pattern. While it was possible to pick up a nice CVCV .com domain name in the reseller market for a few hundred bucks in 2007 you have to fork a few thousand dollars to acquire the same domain name a decade later. A good example is Rumo.com which sold for $3,750 in a private transaction back in 2006 and recently sold for $20,388 on NameJet. Or Reyi.com which sold for $7,610 in 2012 on NameJet and fetched $18,500 last year on the same site.

The reason for this is simple. Entrepreneurs love short and catchy company brands and names in the CVCV pattern are almost always easy to say, easy to spell and super memorable.  For this very reason, there is a very active and profitable end-user market for these type of domain names.  Below are 10 companies that with a CVCV brand name who paid up to acquire the matching .com address.

  • Vivo – Paid $2,100,000 for Vivi.com 

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo paid a whopping $2,100,000 in 2016 in what was reported as one of the year’s biggest reported domain name sales. The domain name was an upgrade from the previously used VivoGlobal.com

  • Mera – Paid $132,500 for Mera.com 

In what was the fourth largest brandable domain name sale in 2015, Mera Software Services paid a cool $132,500 for Mera.com to upgrade from the previously used meranetworks.com url.

  • Koko – Paid $100,440 for Koko.com

Chinese mobile game developer Koko paid $100k in 2014 to acquire the Koko.com domain name from Hong Kong-based domain name investment company iGenesis Limited (Hi Franky!). They acquired the domain name for $12,000 in 2005.

  • Baja – Paid $95,000 for Baja.com 

California travel resource site Baja paid almost $100k in a private transaction in 2007 to acquire the Baja.com domain name.

  • Mizu – Paid $90,000 for Mizu.com

Turkish shopping site Mizu decided to pay $90,000 in 2012 to acquire the matching .com domain name Mizu.com. The transaction was completed trough the Domain Name Sales platform which has since rebranded in Uniregistry.

  • Nutrisystem – Paid $75,000 for Numi.com

US-based provider of weight loss products and services Nutrisystem decided to fork out a nice chunk of cash to acquire the Numi.com domain name trough the Domain Name Sales platform in 2013 after they launched a health and fitness app with the same name.

  • Moka – Paid $72,223 for Moka.com

Turkish fintech company paid $72,223 to get their hands on the matching .com domain name in 2007. The domain name was purchased trough Sedo.com

  • Biba – Paid $70,602 for Biba.com

Biba launched in 2012 to build a service that offered a lightweight way to use your mobile device to participate in conference calls or message people in your network. The company purchased the domain name Biba.com back in August 2012 as reported by Michael Berkens here. Last year, Amazon acquired Biba.

  • Moki – Paid $66,100 for Moki.com

It’s not often that you will see end-users show up on reseller auction platform NameJet.com but that’s exactly what happened when Salt Lake City-based MokiMobility won the auction for the Moki.com domain name in 2014. Raymond Hackney wrote about it here.

  • Pepe – Paid $61,200 for Pepe.com 

What makes the sale of $61,200 for the Pepe.com domain name in 2010 on Sedo interesting is that the same domain name sold for just $15,000 on Bido a mere three months prior. That’s a pretty good flip if you ask me.

I’ll leave you with a list of great CVCV domain name coming up for auction at NameJet:

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